Hi there, welcome to my corner of the internet. Not entirely sure why you are here as I have no amazing cat videos or anything as cool as that.

This terminal is interactive on a desktop pc, so you should totally come back and have a play when you are at one.

Yes this is a terminal (sorta) and it has some working commands. Why don't you try typing `help` and hitting enter.


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My name is Kirsty and I used to make computers do as they are told, most of the time they listen to me and sometimes they don't. Developing is a passion for me, whether its a paid piece of work or a personal project I enjoy and take pride in what I do.

I recently changed careers to work within the Ambulance service and I am planning on continuing on that career path. With regard to developing, I do maintain my skills as a hoby and do occasionally take on work when I have the time.

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Above is a interactive list of some of the technologies I have worked with and my thoughts on them.

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