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My name is Kirsty and I make computers do as they are told, most of the time they listen to me and sometimes they don't. Developing is a passion for me, whether its a paid piece of work or a personal project I enjoy and take pride in what I do.

At the moment my skills are more focused on backend web systems, but I enjoy working on a wide array of systems and architectures.

I have a big interest in the medical sector and currently volunteer with the British Red Cross.


Feed it back: Software Engineer

January 2019 - Current

Shelter UK: Backend Developer

April 2018 - December 2018

In my time at Shelter I have been involved in everything from refactoring old code to dealing with a large amount of technical debt. My main focus is around a few internal api servers which provide the backbone of our online services. One of my responsibilities was to reach feature parity with these new servers so we could decommission old and insecure infrastructure.

I have been involved in a wide range of projects within Shelter across all our product teams including projects involving the following:
  • Automated scripts to bridge the gap between systems.
  • Compiling data exports & reports using Python.
  • Building monitoring tools for internal & external infrastructure.
  • Developing internal apis using Laravel & Lumen.
  • Helping design & implement new systems.

Diverse Interactive: Full Stack Developer

January 2018 - March 2018

Most of my role consists of building Laravel based applications to help manage Apps and Systems. I have also been working more with Linux based servers and AWS cloud hosting.

Mintedbox: Web Developer

July 2015 - December 2017

I was initially employed alongside my apprenticeship and then I stayed on as a full stack developer.

Whilst my role is a fullstack developer, my projects mainly consist of websites requiring bespoke systems or admin interfaces. I have gained experience in building mobile apps via Cordova as well as PHP based APIs to go with them. I have built many sites ranging from ecommerce sites with third party inventory management integrations to booking systems for hotels.

Personal Projects

Clevergirls is an online gaming community and news site dedicated to promoting and informing players about online games that interest its audience. Content includes articles, podcasts, streaming and a host of other features yet to be released. I worked as the sole developer on the project and was tasked with building both the front and backend of the site.

The frontend was customer facing and displayed articles and other content that was written by authors on the site. The backend contained a simple system for content authors to write articles and upload content. This was then proof read by editors who would make edits before submitting the finished pieces to the site.

  • Backend with multiple user levels.
    • Management of users and groups.
    • Author interface to create and draft articles.
    • Editor interface to edit and release articles.
    • Streamer interface to schedule streams for display in the timetable.
  • Tag system for filtering articles.
  • Article categories to allow for podcasts and blogs.
  • Streamer timetable with links to twitch and other streaming services.
  • Commenting on articles with Disqus.

Safe Scene UK is an organisation for the sharing information within the BDSM, fetish, sex positive and similar groups. Primarily the information shared in warnings regarding predators and offenders operating within our communities.

Polaris is a automated assistant for an intelligence network for the game EVEonline, it runs and collects information from automated relays and external sources.

Components of Polaris include:

  • Management of 4 linux servers.
  • Desktop Python programs to collect specific program log files.
  • EVE single sign on and REST api integration.
  • Discord bots on a Python framework to output important information.

Above is a interactive list of some of the technologies I have worked with and my thoughts on them.

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British Red Cross: Enhanced Skills Event First Aid Volunteer

January 2018 - Current

Currently hold the following internal red cross certifications:

  • Standard first aid
  • Resuscitation Support
  • Medical