Personal Projects


CAD is a web based computer aided dispatch system for a Fivem based roleplay community. It comprises of a VueJs based frontend with a PHP backend that utilises Slim and Eloquent which is attached to a MariaDB database. It is designed to give upwards of 50 concurent users a live updating management system which utilises websockets to rapidly update users when information changes.

Whilst the code is currently closed source, I am looking at making a open version in the future.


Screeps is a RTS game that is powered by javascript code that runs in a constant loop. Players use their Javascript code to control little figures (screeps) in an attempt to fight other players, develop land and eventually form an empire (not that I got that far).

For me, Screeps was an adventure into attempting to build a Javascript based bot whilst also allowing me to learn Typescript. I never did get far into the game but I enjoy the time sync it gave me. The bot can be found here.


This was a simple quiz app that runs on VueJs that was developed during my driving course within the Ambulance service as a way we could test ourselves with our roadsigns knowledge.

The code can be found here with the application being visible here.

Clevergirls was an online gaming community and news site dedicated to promoting and informing players about online games that interest its audience. Content included articles, podcasts and streams. I worked as the sole developer on the project and was tasked with building both the front and backend of the site.

The frontend was customer facing and displayed articles and other content that was written by authors on the site. The backend contained a simple system for content authors to write articles and upload content. This was then proof read by editors who would make edits before submitting the finished pieces to the site.

  • Backend with multiple user levels.
    • Management of users and groups.
    • Author interface to create and draft articles.
    • Editor interface to edit and release articles.
    • Streamer interface to schedule streams for display in the timetable.
  • Tag system for filtering articles.
  • Article categories to allow for podcasts and blogs.
  • Streamer timetable with links to twitch and other streaming services.
  • Commenting on articles with Disqus.

Polaris was an automated assistant for an intelligence network for the game EVEonline, it ran and collected information from automated relays and external sources.

Components of Polaris include:

  • Management of 4 linux servers.
  • Desktop Python programs to collect specific program log files.
  • EVE single sign on and REST api integration.
  • Discord bots on a Python framework to output important information.